We’ve been busy.  Well, at least Ty has been busy.  In case you didn’t notice, our site has received a facelift – making things a little cleaner, a lot more streamlined, and way sexier.  Craftbrewing.com has received its long-anticipated silicone implants, and we couldn’t be happier.

However, the appearance is not all that’s changed.  We’ve been working on lots of new content, posting videos with brewing related subject matter that we hope people will find useful.  Our store has been improved, as well, with our new Paypal payment option.

Our most exciting development, however, is the advent of our Forum.  As great as it is to stand in our Ivory Tower and pretentiously dispense brewing wisdom to the masses, we are aware of the many benefits of collaboration and group interaction with these topics.  We’ve begun many brewing threads, where readers can share their thoughts, tips, and feedback on what’s going on at Craft Brewing.  Furthermore, we’ve created a recipe exchange, with several recipes already posted.  Check them out – all of the currently posted recipes are multiple award winners in BJCP competitions.  If you’ve got a great brew recipe, please get it up there – this is all in the name of furthering great beer!

We hope you like what we’ve done.  We’re proud of it.  Be a part of our community…and let’s get brewing!

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