Ah yes, the final piece to the brew stand build. The control panel serves as the brain of the brew house, controlling the burners and pumps. We’re planning to mount controllers and switches to power 3 Asco valves and two March pumps.

It took some time, but we finally figured out the settings required to get the Epilouge laser cutting effectively. This material was very dirty to cut, but with some tweaking we got it working. Check out the videos below to see how things went and stay tuned for a completed build article.

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  • wes

    So fucking jealous….

  • Dave

    A couple of questions:

    Where did you go to get that laser cutting done?

    Where did you get the cabinet you used?

    I am interested in doing an electric brewery myself and just getting started on what I will need to do.


    • Ty Burrows

      The boxes can be had at pretty much any HVAC supply store. We can supply them if you’re in a pinch. The laser cutter was supplied by some friends of ours and not something they’d do from a production stand point. You’re better off to mark it out and carefully cut/drill if you dont have access to this kind of equipment.