We got together with Certified Cicerone® Kirk Bodnar today, and we discussed an upcoming exam preparation course he is running with fellow Certified Cicerone® Bill Bonar.  These fine gents are running a program that will help prepare beer enthusiasts and industry professionals who wish to write the Cicerone® Certification Program exam, focusing on the new Canadian Certified Cicerone® Syllabus.  As this exam is going to be written on March 23. 2014, interested future Cicerones need to get ready – in a serious way!

This preparation course occurs over two days (February 23 and March 2, 2014), and participants will have the opportunity to participate in a homebrewing session with Jordan Ramey from Olds College’s new brewing program.  There will also be an examination of the impressive draft dispensation system at Calgary’s CRAFT Beer Market, under the guidance of industry experts.  You couldn’t ask for a more appropriate setting for this course!

Furthermore, this course will cover a range of beer off-flavours, using the off-flavour spike kit from the Siebel Institute of Technology.  This is the same kit used by licensed judges in the Beer Judge Certification Program and, having worked with this twice myself, I can attest to its usefulness in understanding potential issues in beer.

Yet another feature of this program is an extensive beer pairing session, courtesy of the talented and beer-conscious chef’s at CRAFT Beer Market.  This stands to be a very exciting course for individuals looking to prepare to write their Cicerone® exam, as well as for folks with a passion for beer, brewing, and delicious food.

Take a peek at our session with Kirk on our Youtube channel.  For more information, you can also check out https://www.facebook.com/beersnsuch.  Follow Kirk’s adventures on Twitter @beersnsuch.

To purchase tickets for this course through the EventBrite site, click here.

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