For some, cooler mash tuns and propane burners in their driveway are a cornerstone of beer making. But there comes a time when every brewer has to get off the bench and into the game. In our case, that game brought us to welding our own stainless steel brew stand and getting it prepped for automation.

It’s not exactly something you can tack together in a weekend, but you should be able to get the basic frame together. In our case we milled all the parts and pain stakingly TIG welded everything together. You’ll save yourself a lot of time if you go the traditional steel route as working with stainless is nothing short of a pain in the ass.

Building the frame itself was pretty straight forward. We used the basic layout for a single tier Brutus 10 and then mitered the top ends. The gas rail probably took the longest because of the drilling and welding of the 1/2″ fittings, but all in all it came together pretty quickly. Two afternoons of work and we’re ready to start installing burners, fitting the ASCO valves and getting the control box wired.

We’ll post more info as things start coming together. Stay tuned for videos!

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    Looks like a standard Brutus. Plans to combat the heat put into the stand? or radiant heat from the HLT to MLT?

    So does this mean you are close to brewing your first batch?

    • Ty Burrows

      No plans to combat heat. It wont be an issue on this system. We’re close to firing this thing up for the first brew. Just have to mount the pumps and get then automate it.


    I want to warn you the heat put into that stand by the 10″ banjos will be significant. I would find some 2 x 2 angle and make standoffs to keep the vessels up off the frame. That is the problem with the Brutus design, it was built to minimize material usage, so it is a small as possible. It also likes to get hot, very hot. Hot enough it could damage your electronics and wiring.

    Just a lessons learned from my build.

    I cut windows in my keg skirts to help vent the heat, but the frame still gets way to hot to mount electronics.

    • Ty Burrows

      Might have to mod it later. We’ll keep an eye on it. The electronics are all mounted to the bottom rails so that might help. The stand my buddy built works fine and it’s a slightly expanded brutus system with the same burner btu. We don’t have any problem with heat soak, but the rails do get dangerously hot.

  • Cale Summach

    Nice work Ty! I’m super envious of your shop.