Building your own brew stand will teach you a few things. And it turns out one of those things is that when you think you’ve got everything working, you’re wrong. These things are a bouquet of joy and frustration… rarely at the same time.

So what’s a guy do when his solenoid valves don’t quite sound right? You do what any sensible home brewer does: you send them back for warranty. But we’re not talking about you, and we’re far from sensible. So we hit the tool box and ripped these valves apart to expedite the fix.

Don’t believe your wife. It turns out that tinkering actually can come in handy. We opened up the ASCO valves and begun by lubing the seals and post. Now I know you’re a man. And men don’t lube their own posts. But trust me, this is one time you’re going to want to break your rule. A broken brew stand damages the ego far further than getting caught… well you know.

After putting everything back together, a test fire of the burners reveled the problem had been resolved. A good post lube always brightens up my day.

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